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This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

[cq_vc_timeline][cq_vc_timeline_item datesize=”18px” datecolor=”#607290″ itemtitle=”May 2017″ titlesize=”18px” titlecolor=”#607290″]Creation of the idea of
Hoverex project
[/cq_vc_timeline_item][cq_vc_timeline_item datecolor=”#607290″ itemtitle=”August 2017″ titlesize=”18px” titlecolor=”#607290″]The prototype of
Hoverex finished
[/cq_vc_timeline_item][cq_vc_timeline_item itemtitle=”Q1.2018″ titlesize=”18px” titlecolor=”#607290″]Start of ICO[/cq_vc_timeline_item][cq_vc_timeline_item itemtitle=”Q1.2018″ titlesize=”18px” titlecolor=”#607290″]Launch of Hoverex[/cq_vc_timeline_item][cq_vc_timeline_item itemtitle=”Q2.2018″ titlesize=”18px” titlecolor=”#607290″]Launch of the education and
information «Hoverex» resource
[/cq_vc_timeline_item][cq_vc_timeline_item itemtitle=”Q4.2018″ titlesize=”18px” titlecolor=”#607290″]Launch of
cryptocurrencies converter
[/cq_vc_timeline_item][cq_vc_timeline_item itemtitle=”Q2.2019″ titlesize=”18px” titlecolor=”#607290″]Launch of Hoverex
mobile version (IOS/Android)[/cq_vc_timeline_item][/cq_vc_timeline]

MoonDog Charity

MoonDog Finance would be dedicating 10% of token supply solely to charity funding. MoonDog would be involved in sponsoring and working with NGOs like conservation NGOs, peace and human rights as well as Child Sponsorship Organizations and many more as long as there is an opportunity to help MoonDog Finance will be willing to be involved.

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